Our Pastor

Dr. Noah L. Washington, D.Min

If you know Dr. Noah Washington, you likely know that he never meets a stranger.  And for as much as he enjoys making people laugh, he also feels called to help them push past their comfort zones.

Dr. Washington knows a thing or two about pushing past difficult times. Some years ago, he contracted Lyme disease.  His experience with the disease was near fatal and though there are some lingering effects, that experience revealed his reason for existing.  Part of that reason is to guide others beyond their limits and deeper into understanding God’s will and purpose for their lives. That’s no small feat, but Pastor Washington has gladly accepted the challenge. His concern for those who struggle to settle into the fullness of their lives runs deep. So, he founded Inspiring Purpose© with a mission to help them live more intentionally as individuals and in their relationships.

His work as a people pusher is delicately balanced with ministerial duties and educational pursuits. He has completed a Bachelors in Theology, a Masters in Divinity, and a Doctor of Ministry in Family Ministry, with his dissertation titled: An alternative to American dating practices for young adults. Likewise, his thoughts are never far away from the people who trust him as their spiritual head.  Dr. Washington has held ministerial positions including Pastor at the Bladensburg SDA Church in Bladensburg, MD; Lead Pastor at Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church in Columbus, OH; and Associate Pastor at Emmanuel Brinklow Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ashton, MD. He is currently the lead pastor of the Miracle City Seventh-day Adventist Church in Baltimore, MD where they exist so that people will experience the miracle of life in Jesus Christ. Regardless of his placement, he is focused on maintaining active worship and outreach experiences that bring people closer to God. He believes in grassroots efforts designed to meet people where they are and propel them forward. Not surprisingly, Dr. Washington does not feel burdened by the load he was built to carry. Instead, he finds inspiration in having the privilege to witness people’s journeys of difficulty to triumph.

Even with almost 20 years in the ministry, and all that he has accomplished, the published author and adjunct university professor, has his eyes set towards much more. His motto is that “your greatest place of pain is your place of purpose” and he’s intent on helping others see the beauty in their struggles. Because he understands that there’s no one clear path to get there, Dr. Washington uses a range of techniques and practices including seminars, counseling, and coaching to help people identify their own missions. His two books, Encouragement for Today, a 40-day devotional, and 5 Keys to Break Out of Dating Dysfunction serve as additional resources.

“I help young adults, offenders, and ex-offenders who struggle with feeling stuck. I offer resources, trainings, and workshops that help them find purpose so they can live in purpose.  I help people find purpose to live on purpose.”

We help people who struggle to find purpose, discover their purpose so they can walk in their full potential. We do this by offering resources, trainings, and workshops that enable and empower them to discover their purpose to live on purpose!!!

Outside of work, Dr. Washington always looks forward to spending time with his wife and college sweetheart Twila and their two children, Noah Alexander II, and Drew Mackenzie.  Otherwise, you might find him watching a game of basketball, listening to his favorite music, or having a good laugh.