Hi Miracle City!

It’s not too late to participate in our upcoming Father’s Day tribute! We’re celebrating our Miracle City Father’s Day this Saturday, June 20th. If you haven’t already emailed your pics and videos, keep reading!

Step 1.

  • Record a video clip of yourself saying the following:  “Happy Father’s Day!  Thank you dad for…. “
  • Complete that sentence with one thing that you’re thankful that your dad does.  For example, “Thank you dad for always helping me with my homework”, or “Thank you dad for giving me an example of a good husband”.

Step 2. 

Step 3.

Video Taking Tips!

We want to make sure that we can use everyone’s clips, so it’s very important that you record this video clip using our guidelines. We’ve created a video you can watch for tips on getting a good recording, but we’ve also listed the four most important things below.

  • Lighting: 
    • Make sure you are standing with the available light in front of you. For example, stand facing a window as opposed to having your back to the window.
  • Picture Frame:
    • Turn the phone landscape (sideways) when taking the picture.
    • Don’t use the zoom feature, instead move closer to the camera when taking the picture
  • Presentation:
    • Take the picture in a clean and presentable space (avoid bathrooms, and clutter). Observe what is to the side or behind you as your picture is taken.
    • Your smile is bright, face is clean, and graduation gown or clothes are presentable (clean and appropriate)
  • Check your camera’s recording resolution settings: It is very important that you record with your camera’s resolution setting at 1080p. Here are instructions on how to check your settings if you have an Android device | iOS (iPhone / iPad) device